Hotel Room Service

Hotel Room Service


For centuries, Eastern cultures have long recognised the benefits of infusing nature's extracts and the rich and exotic, zesty combination of Mandarin & Begamot was no exception as a new found fragrance to help both relax and stimulate the senses.

Western explorers soon discovered the opportunities for such opulence and were quick to establish trade routes back to Europe and across the emerging Empire. Demand was high, and by the 17th century, Europe's perfumers were the first to perfect the original 'Eau de Cologne', harnessing Bergamot's essential properties abd characteristic fragrance. Spreading throughout the Royal Households and Courts of Europe, exchange for the exotic was now the new fashion!

In 1664, the Ambassador from the Court of Russia presented a magnificent gift of two white Pelicans to the then King of England, King Charles II. The Pelicans, which culturally hold deep spiritual significance, were realeased on Duck Island in the King's Royal Park.

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